about us

Printers & Presses is truly honored to serve our customers throughout the United States, Canada, and around the World. Our customers span the globe from China to Silicon Valley.

With our vast industry experience, our team is well equipped to ship, install, and warranty the best and most highly sought after office printers and digital presses. Most importantly, we get it all done at incredible prices.

Helping You Save BIG!

Nothing seems to depreciate faster than a printer or press. An office printer can lose more than 50% of its initial value in as little as a year in operation! Buying a brand new office printer or digital press can be very risky and costly. For those ready to buy gently used equipment in like-new condition, you truly do stand to save BIG!

Repossessed and Off-Lease Equipment

The office printers and digital presses we promote are among the most lucrative deals available in the market. We source our equipment from among the biggest leasing companies and banks. When the best available printing equipment is repossessed or comes off-lease anywhere in the country, we’re among the very first to get wind of it. Our industry position allows us to jump on the best bargains. We pass along the incredible savings to our valued customers.

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