Most people know that new vehicles driven off the car lot are subject to a high depreciation rate from day one, but do folks realize how much depreciation affects office printers and digital presses? Surprisingly, much more than cars. The fact is, printers and presses can lose more than 50% of their original value after just one short year in operation!

Here at Printers & Presses, we have access to a fantastic selection of Kyocera models that have recently come off-lease and have already been through the fastest dip in their depreciation cycle. We offer low prices, excellent warranties and affordable equipment delivery rates on a wide range of B&W and color Kyocera units.

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Gently Used Kyocera printer Machines that Perform Like New

The machines we sell have been very gently used and very well maintained. They’re inspected for anything suspect before being considered for our market re-entry program, and any units showing high wear and tear or demonstrating problems in their report are rejected outright.

If you go out into the marketplace and talk to dealers and service people, you’ll find Kyocera gets consistently high praise for their quality. Whether your particular needs are for a quality machine that can do low-volume or for one that is able to achieve moderately highly speeds, we’re confident that with our broad range of available models you can find what you need. You get all this, along with prices that will leave you smiling!

High Quality at Low Prices

We’ve got B&W Kyocera printers that can produce as many as 80 pages per minute and color printers that will turn out as many as 70. We cater to all sizes of businesses, whether your monthly requirement is for a few pages or your monthly printing needs run into the thousands of pages. We’re sure we can provide you with a printer to fit your needs and stay within your budget too. And remember, our nationwide shipping charge is an affordable $199 flat rate, with guaranteed secure delivery. Check out the large selection of models listed on our web site and give us a call at our toll-free number to order:1.800.399.6205.

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