Xerox 6204

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  • Speed
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  • Capacity
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This unit ships for $199 nationwide
Standard 2 year warranty on parts
30 day installation protection

If you need immediate assistance, call us at 1.800.399.6205

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  • Speed
    140 PPM in Black
    140 PPM in Color
  • Resolution
    600 x 2400 dpi
  • Paper weight
  • Monthly volume
    2,200,000 impressions


This unit ships for $199 nationwide
Standard 2 years warranty on parts
30 days installation protection

If you need immediate assistance, call us on 1.800.399.6205

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Buying the Xerox 6204 Wide Format?

Printers & Presses is committed to working for you, bringing you highly discounted prices while offering you all the accessories and features your business needs to stay ahead. No matter what your printing requirements are, Printers & Presses will help you meet them for less than you thought possible. All of our multifunction printers, copiers, and digital presses are shipped ready to be installed. They’re highly affordable because they’ve gone through their initial depreciation cycle. Yet, each unit we sell is carefully selected and warrantied to look and operate like new!

Printers & Presses works with a vast network of consignment warehouses across North America providing us with incredible deals on repossessed and off-lease printing equipment. We provide a full 30-day warranty with every installation we carry out, plus a 2-year parts warranty covering all electronic and mechanical components (The 2-year warranty can be further extended to a total warranty period of 5 years). We also warranty consumables, such as toner cartridges and drums, guaranteeing they have at least 50% of their full yield remaining.
Worried about shipping? Don’t be! Our shipping rate is an incredible flat rate of $199 nationwide! Call us now to place your order today!

Introduction for the Xerox 6204 Black and White Copier

The speed and quality you need . The Xerox 6204 Wide Format Solution prints and copies up to 5 D prints per minute—an amazing speed from an amazing small printer. Need to turn hard-copy drawings into electronic files? The Xerox 6204 provides scanning options that enable the most complex documents to be automatically converted to electronic formats and stored where you need them—anywhere on your PC or on your network. Crisp, accurate copies and prints are critical to your business. Innovative Xerox toner and drum technologies deliver outstanding image quality at 600 x 600 for both copying or printing operations. Although the Xerox 6204 is a state-of-the-art, high-tech wide format solution, it does not require a high-tech operator. Even casual users can easily navigate its intuitive menus and touchscreen with minimal training. right where you need it. The Xerox 6204 Wide Format Solution is loaded with power, yet it requires very little space. Its power is provided by a controller that is fully integrated and embedded within the system, eliminating the need for a separate, additional workstation. Roll the 6204 where you want it, even up against a wall. The Xerox 6204 workflow is fully operational within virtually any environment. It is built to industry standards and can be integrated with your existing workflow and work processes to enhance your productivity quickly and seamlessly

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